A quick overview

Venture is an online mobile accessories retailer. I was contracted to awaken their brand and place their product firmly within their target market. We rebranded, rejuvenated their product imagery, refreshed their web presence and reestablished their reputation in an already competitive product landscape. And this is how we did it...

Key Objectives for online presence

- Defining personas through empathy maps.
- Customer journey mapping.
- Content management
- Information architecture
- Continual user interaction post-purchase
- Wireframes
- Usability tests
- High fidelity prototype
- Development handover

Sleek desktop design

A product should speak the same language as its customers so we started their adventure right from the moment they load the site by bringing the adventurous outdoors straight to their website.

360º View

Allowing customers to view a product from all angles helps them to trust the product they are purchasing.

Parallax scrolling

Making the rocks and stones move at different speeds gives the site a real 3D feel, making their visit a more immersive experience

Fully responsive

The mobile version of the site was stripped down to make it quick and easy to navigate.


Interactive features such as trails and maps for on-the-go adventurers.